"Fast CU Depth Decision for HEVC using Neural Networks"
has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology.

"Exploiting Pseudo-Quadtree Structure for Accelerating HEVC Spatial Resolution Downscaling Transcoder"
has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Multimedia.

"WASP: Selective Data Prefetching with Monitoring Runtime Warp Progress on GPUs"
has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Computers.


Hongju Kal
, Gun Ko, Junhyun Park, Hyunjae Oh, Yongseok Won, Jiwon Lee, and Hyunwuk Lee have joined our group.

Sungwoo Ahn
has joined our group.

Joohyeong Yoon
, Heekuk Lee, Jeongyeop Kim, Kwanghee Chang, Min Cheol Park, and Hyun Chul Cho have joined our group.


Our lab has moved from 379C to C518, Engineering Building. Be aware when you visit our lab.

Paper titled "Cg-CMT: Expanding Instruction Window via Coarse-Grained Instruction Commit" is awarded an encouragement prize at 24th Samsung Humantech Paper Award

Paper titled "Profiling-Based Phase Detection and Adaptive Warp Scheduler for GPUs" presented in 2015 IEIE Fall Conference received outstanding paper award.